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    Product: Baileys The Original Irish Cream

    An important question for the makers of Baileys Irish Cream is ‘what kind of cows can make this liqueur?’. Nearly 40,000 top-bred Irish dairy cows contribute cream to make Baileys. It’s blended with pure Irish whiskey and a proprietary cocoa extract to make one of the best-selling alcoholic beverages. 

    Baileys can be drunk on the rocks, which makes it delicious to sip. But it’s also perfect to mix with coffee, hot chocolate and other liqueurs like Amaretto. Because of its weight and viscosity, Baileys performs well with layered drinks. Building a multi-layer shot takes some practise and touch, but it's an old-school skill that will wow your guests. Consider the classic B-52 coffee with Kahlua and Grand Marnier.

    Drinks House 247 are on hand, so, if you fancy a little night cap, we’ve got you covered. Order your Baileys' delivery to your London postcode and receive it within 30 minutes of ordering. 

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