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Marlboro Touch

  • Marlboro Touch pack of 20 king size. 

    • UK stamp 

    Marlboro Gold Touch is a creative new measurement in smoking. If we consider the strengthA different report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers shows that Newport and Marlboro brands contain a similar measure of nicotine (19.4 and 20.3 mg) per gram of tobacco. Marlboro cigarettes are divided into 3 main classes

    • standard (8 mg),
    • light (between 4 and 8 mg).
    • ultra-light (less than 4 mg).

    You should keep in mind that menthol does not affect tar, even if menthol cigarettes have lighter tobacco.  At a smooth 7.1mm in breadth – marginally more slender than Marlboro Gold Original, it offers a taste that is refined and smooth. Marlboro Gold Touch is a top-notch cigarette that is slimmer to the touch than customary cigarettes. 

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