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Benson & Hedges Blue

    • Freshness on demand, it puts you in control of the taste
    • B&H Slide offers B&H quality with innovation as standard
    • 20 Sky Blue Cigarettes

    8 mg Tar

    0.6 mg Nicotine

    Benson and Hedges Sky Blue is produced using Virginia Tobacco. Accessible in Kingsize and Superking. 6 mg tar and 0.6 mg nicotine. Blue used to be a signifier of an ordinary strength cigarette, for example 10-12 mg nicotine and 10-12 mg tar (with the exemptions of B&H and JPS and perhaps others). Red meant solid - 16mg nicotine/tar, and different shadings connoted lower qualities - silver, gold, light blue, dim and so on for state 8mg, 4mg, 2mg.

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