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Sunrise Pack

    • Absolut 70cl
    • Pinot Grigio 75cl
    • Lemonade 1L
    • Cranberry 1L

    Schweppes Premium Mixer itself is a carbonated soft and doesn't contain liquor. It is intended to be blended in with spirits, similar to Gin as well as Vodka.

    Absolut Vodka is the leading brand of Premium vodka offering the genuine taste of vodka in unique or your #1 flavors made from natural ingredients.

    Canaletto", a new fruity mixed drink, not only for ladies. Made with raspberries and prosecco, it is the perfect choice in the hottest summer days.

    Cranberry Classic™ Fruit Drink. Appreciate the fresh, clean taste of cranberries stacked with cancer prevention agents from 55 cranberries and 100% every day necessity of Vitamin C.

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