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    Disaronno Alcohol Delivery

    Product: Disaronno

    Disaronno is a versatile spirit featuring an original taste and unmistakable aroma. The recipe has been passed down from one generation to the next, dates back to 1525 and continues to be produced by the Reina Family in Saronno, Italy. 

    With an image of style and taste, Disaronno is something best described on the taste buds as having traces of pleasantness and almond. 

    It can be enjoyed on the rocks or in a delicious cocktail - whichever you prefer! If you’re looking for other liqueurs, why not try Malibu or Baileys, to ensure you have a range of drinks for your guests. 

    Order your Disaronno alcohol delivery to your London postcode and receive it within 30 minutes of ordering.

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