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    Product: Johnnie Walker Black Label 

    A deluxe blended whiskey,Johnnie Walker Black Label is a masterful blend of about 40 top-notch whiskeys that come together to produce one of the most highly regarded spirits of its kind. Known for its silky feel, Johnnie Walker Black Label is an essential liquor cabinet staple.

    Sit back, relax and savour the creamy toffee and caramel notes and hints of allspice and citrus. You'll also taste hints of the oak sherry casks that aged this whiskey, along with a rich, smoky finish. This is a sophisticated scotch whiskey that's well worth taking slow.

    So, why not order your Black Label delivery through Drinks House 247? We can get your order to your door within 30 minutes. If you like Johnnie Walker whiskey, we also haveBlue Label andDouble Black Label available.


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