Top 10 Alcoholic Drinks with the Least Calories

January 14, 2022

Top 10 Alcoholic Drinks with the Least Calories

As the New Year begins, you might be thinking you need to start dieting and participate in Dry January. However, you might not want to cut back on your favourite tipple - it’s all about moderation. 

You can learn the difference between alcohol with the least calories in and the booze that can cause us to pile on the pounds. 

Cocktails are often high in calories, due to their sugary goodness, which is followed by everyone's favourite, beer. Don't forget, after a day or night of heavy drinking, we usually want to devour something greasy on the way home, which adds the extra calories on. 

But picking alcoholic drinks with the least calories in can be difficult. This is why Drinks House 247 have put together 10 different combinations which you'll still enjoy.

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Calories in Alcohol Add Up Fast

A serving of alcohol, whether it's a spirit, wine, or beer, can roughly be 100 calories, give or take. But what really adds the calories up is the syrups and sugary mixers that are used. 

We recommend avoiding: 

  • Syrups
  • Sugar 
  • Salt
  • Fruit juices and pre-made drink mixes for cocktails

How to Make Alcoholic Drinks with the Least Calories

There are a few ways you can lighten up your boozy drinks, whether you're making them at home or you're out at a bar.

  • Go BIG on flavour - You could use seasonal fruit to add sweetness and colour to your drink, or you could add a pinch of spice, like mint or basil. 
  • Try frozen fruit - This will add flavour and colour to your drink and isn't as pricey as buying fresh fruit. Drop a few frozen blackberries, strawberries, or raspberries to your G&T for that sweet summer vibe.
  • Add some fizz - Use slimline tonic or sparkling water to keep your drink interesting. 
  • Keep standard servings in mind - One serving of beer is a pint, wine is 175ml and spiritsare 25ml (1 shot).

Alcoholic Drinks with the Least Calories

1. Vodka Lime & Soda

Calories: 55 per 25ml 

A vodka, lime, and soda is definitely a firm favourite for people who are watching their weight. This is because soda water is essential carbonated water, so has zero calories and also keeps you hydrated. Adding a squeeze of lime (or lemon!) gives the drink more flavour and a refreshing after-taste. 

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2. Gin & Slimline Tonic

Calories: 64 per 25ml + slimline tonic

If you love a G&T, keep the calories low by choosing slimline tonic rather than regular, as this is high in sugar and calories. Add a few fresh or frozen fruits to add a splash of colour and taste to your gin.

3. Tequila, Lime & Soda

Calories: 52 per 25ml

For those who aren’t fans of vodka, add a shot a tequila to your lime and soda for a light and refreshing drink which is significantly lower in calories than a Margarita.

4. Whiskey on the Rocks

Calories: 59 per 25ml

At 59 calories per 25ml, whiskeyon the rocks makes the list of alcoholic drinks with the least calories in. However, if you’re not a fan of neat spirits, you could top it up with soda water to turn the drink into a highball. 


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5. Hard Seltzer

Calories: 80 to 100 per 330ml can

Increasing in popularity, hard seltzers are made up of a spirit, fruit flavouring and soda. Because the soda content is so high, they make a great alternative to alcopops. 

6. Light Beer

Calories: 80 to 100 per 330ml bottle

Not all beer will give you a beer belly. Lighter beers like Bud Light, Coors Light or Heineken Light range from 80 to 100 calories per bottle. These make a great alternative if you’re having a few beers with friends or with dinner. 

7. Dry Wine

Calories: 85 per 125ml glass

Most wines contain a lot of sugar from the grapes that are used to make it. However, if you choose a dryer wine, these tend to have less sugar in as they aren’t as sweet. This means that you can still enjoy a glass of dry wine with dinner and not feel like you’re drinking all your calories. 


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8. Ultra Brut Champagne 

Calories: 65 per glass

If you find yourself celebrating a special occasion, there’s no need to think you can’t have a glass of champagne to toast. Brut or extra-brut champagne means that it’s dry, so naturally there is less sugar in them. But remember, don’t add any extra fruit juices to it as this doubles the sugar content and calories. 

9. Bloody Mary

Calories: 125 per cocktail

If you’re a brunch lover, then a bloody Mary is a cocktail that you can enjoy without going over your calorie limit. Skip the mimosas and have this tomato juiced drink instead. Packed with vitamin C, potassium and vitamin A, you can enjoy this cocktail to the max.


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10. Mojito

Calories: 168 per cocktail

Watching your calories doesn’t mean you need to miss going out for cocktails with your friends. If you’re a rum drinker and are in the mood for a refreshing cocktail but don’t want a sugar rush, a mojito is your best option. Although, bartenders may add a lot of sugar and syrup, ask them to leave it out altogether and add extra mint.

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